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Training at Scale

We've streamed high quality medical and surgical training to 6000 participants worldwide

VRiMS 16

5 Day Virtual Reality Livestream and Hands-On Cadaveric Course

Click the button below for more information on the five day event holding seven courses, how to sign up, and details of how to take part in the event in person!

Break Barriers. Build Bridges.

We're on a mission to bring the gold standard of medical and surgical training to low and middle income countries using extended reality, 360 degree video and simulated VR environments.​


Led by Professor Jagtar Dhanda, our team of doctors, surgeons, academic professors and technical experts visits hospitals and medical schools around the world delivering hands-on live surgical as well as cadaveric training.


​We live-stream our medical training content in stereoscopic 360 using state of the art equipment, targeting low-cost viewing devices such as Google Cardboard, which can be used with a basic Android phone.​


VRiMS is also a research group that uses scientific approaches to evaluate the benefits of using extended reality in medical and surgical education.

Our goal is to deliver medical and surgical education at scale

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