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VRiMS Surgical Societies

Thank you for your interest in joining the VRiMS Student Section.

Short-term Objectives:
  • To establish a VR Surgical Student Society with representatives from universities.

  • To create an executive committee with different roles to oversee the society's activities.

  • To initiate VR events and workshops at universities to raise awareness and educate students.

  • To increase awareness to ER/VR/AR via mentorship schemes, teaching series, in-person workshops, conferences, talks and outreach events (internationally)

Long-term Objectives:
  • To promote the use of extended reality technologies in medical and surgical education.

  • To facilitate collaborative research on the benefits of extended reality in the medical field.

  • To help establish the implementation of ER/VR/AR into the curriculum of medical schools, within broader aims of technological literacy in healthcare


Key Benefits for Students Involved with VRiMS:
  • Exposure to state-of-the-art extended reality resources and training methods.

  • Opportunities to develop leadership skills within the VR Surgical Student Society.

  • Active participation in events and workshops to enhance their knowledge and skills.

  • Opportunities to get involved in research with aims of presenting and publishing.

  • Opportunities to assist main VRiMS team with international events.

  • Opportunity to gain experience in health and med tech through a national leadership rol

Roles and Responsibilities for students involved:
  • Representatives from each university will be responsible for liaising with their respective institutions.

  • The executive committee will oversee society operations, event planning, and outreach.

  • Students will actively participate in VR events and workshops.


Please fill out the following form if you are interested in joining. Being a member of your universities surgical society OR MedTech society is preferred but not mandatory. We are currently still looking for representatives from the following universities:

  • Barts and Queen Marys

  • Birmingham University

  • Bristol

  • Cambridge

  • Cardiff

  • Dundee

  • Durham

  • Edinburgh

  • Glasgow

  • Hull York

  • Imperial College London

  • Keele

  • Angila Ruskin

  • Leicester

  • Liverpool

  • Newcastle

  • Nottingham

  • Oxford

  • Southampton

  • Swansea

  • UEA

  • Warwick

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