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Day 1: Obs & Gynae | MedTechX

We've arrived at Maulana Azad Medical College in New Delhi, India for 4 days of live streaming, live surgery, live cadaveric surgery. In attendance are 300 medical students, surgical residents and consultants from every surgical specialty. Showcasing XR to India, our approach, which uses 360 recording of content, can be tailored to every stage of training.

We've had a wonderful first day, hosted by Professor Goswami and Professor Tyagi. Today's theme was Obs and Gynae. The highlight was the live filming, in 360 degree VR, the removal of an ovarian mass and a c-section procedure.

We're committed to advancing medical education and training. By embracing innovative technologies like virtual reality, the medical community can more effectively share knowledge, ultimately benefiting patient care and outcomes.

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